Sad News

I have some sad news to report.
Installing Windows 7 screwed up my XP installation.
The boot file of XP is gone and restoring it does not help. Probably MBR is broke.
So yeah only solution is reinstall but XP doesn't really going along with Windows 7.
It causes Windows 7 get confused and I had it installed in disk E after XP changed the boot file it became disk F, which is a DVD-RAM!
So only XP or Windows 7.
I choose Windows 7. Because inevitably everyone will have to change to it.
Unless the newly presented Windows 8 coming in 2010 Fall is going to be better.


Jonas_big_boy said...

Well, I have both and I can work you them both. I don't get why that prob is happening. I'll stick with both because there are some games that are not working for me on Win 7 like Doom 3 because of the video drivers

Akash said...

Ya some old games are not running on windows 7 like MGS2 ad some games dont have sounds in videos in Win7 like Mirror's edge. But performance is far better than XP due to RAM management.

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Aequus.Mihi said...

I already tried X-Men Origins.
In XP or Win7 doesn't work.
Serious lag issues.
Even the fucking menu lags.

nmapped said...

most of my friend have encountered that before. with luck, booting with the xp installation disk and going into cli for recovery console and invoking "fix mbr" command after choosing the default install root (like 1:C:\Windows) fix the issues. hope that helps :)