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Greetings, reader!

I will be updating my YouTube Channel more frequently than this blog so subscribe to my channel to get updates on new games and confirmations do they run or not.

Sad News

I have some sad news to report.
Installing Windows 7 screwed up my XP installation.
The boot file of XP is gone and restoring it does not help. Probably MBR is broke.
So yeah only solution is reinstall but XP doesn't really going along with Windows 7.
It causes Windows 7 get confused and I had it installed in disk E after XP changed the boot file it became disk F, which is a DVD-RAM!
So only XP or Windows 7.
I choose Windows 7. Because inevitably everyone will have to change to it.
Unless the newly presented Windows 8 coming in 2010 Fall is going to be better.


I Upgraded to Dual-Boot
Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7.
So my YouTube account will be filled with mixed videos of both systems.

Windows 7 - Light of Salvation?

Windows 7 - Light of Salvation?

Is it? At the start of the beta Intel X3100 Users have reported that FPS is really getting better when using this version of Windows. Because of the updated WDDM 1.1 drivers it is more superior to its predecessors.

Most people say that Windows 7 is just a codename for Windows Vista SP2. This maybe is true.
But I would recommend upgrading to Windows 7 until the RC or Final release comes out.
Because betas are known for serious stability, compatibility bugs.
And besides the drivers ( Official Drivers ) haven't been released. But mostly Vista drivers except for Realtek Sound Card which needs XP drivers work.

So upgrading to Windows 7 at its final release is the best bet for us Intel X3100 users.


Hi, everyone!

I started to post Youtube videos of gameplay more often.
So if you wanna check them out >>>>
Also right now uploading a special video of BattleField Heroes gameplay.
I got the beta key so downloaded it and recorded some of the gameplay.