Soon I will post videos of gameplay to prove they are playable and fully enjoyable.

Counter-Strike : Source

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

And new Intel drivers have been created. I strongly advice to upgrade as soon as possible.

Link for the drivers : PRESS


ElbErtZai said...

u might have a misunderstanding..
my blog is for Intel 945GM chipset not X3100 chipset
There's a gap between these two chipset (X3100 can support TnL and has 300+ graphic memory while 945GM has no TnL while only support up to 256 graphic memory)

Aequus.Mihi said...

My mistake, sorry.
Well that explains why I can play DMC4!

Audguy said...

hey...I have a personal doubt. My laptop cannot play Fifa 08 smoothly with the latest drivers, whereas if I use the drivers dated back in april '07 (ya, '07), then it runs very smooth. Also, when i run NFS Most Wanted using the drivers dated april 07, it stutters a lot, when I use the latest drivers, it runs smooth but with a 'harmonic pumping' effect. It is like when an amateur starts a car, and the car moves and stops (jerks) again and again. I hope you get it. I have to use drivers dated smtime in august 08 to get the best performance. I'l mention my lappie's specs below:
Acer Aspire 4715z
Dual Core T2370 1.73GHz
3 GB (2X1 + 1X1) RAM
120GB Hard Disk
Intel 965 Express (X3100)

I asked the Intel support but they say that they dont support Fifa. I would be pleased if u helped me. Thnx.

Audguy said...

hey...i frgt to ask one more it possible to force a game to use a particular version of driver or directx, i cud experiment wid that if that were possible...

Aequus.Mihi said...

You could use 3D Analyze
It can force games to emulate different graphic options even if your video card isn't compatible.
Just select your game exe and select a few options, try to run it and if everything is good create a .bat file to always start the game with the specified options.

Aequus.Mihi said...

And I can't offer you good help with FIFA 08 because I never played any sports games. Not a big fan of the genre.

Akash said...

Hi there!
I am Akash.
My Laptop specs are:
Toshiba Intel Core2Duo T8500 2.4Ghz
Intel 965G x3100

I just want to ask how to improve FPS in newer games like Stranglehold, Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia 4, Gears of War, GTA 4.

I hav played all of these, and personally Mirror's Edge is playable very much.

But other games r really lagging.
Stranglehold and POP4 dont hav any config file to edit.
GTA 4 gives 5-10 FPS.

So as u hav posted some softwares for optimization. Plz do advice or give some softwares to increase FPS in these games.